Compost Tips

Compost Tips />

We have been doing a lot of Springtime composting talks lately.  Our first lesson is, you should really have started in Autumn!

Our second tip is:  "Compost happens".  Nothing really can go wrong.  You might have a few stumbles. But that's part of the learning.  So don't worry.  Must start.

Here are our five easy tips:

  1. Have at least a 1:1 ratio between green stuff (grass, flowers, veggie peelings) and brown stuff (woody stuff including paper, cardboard, dry leaves).  The green stuff is nitrogen rich.  The brown stuff is carbon rich.
  2. Aerate your compost heap, or build it with aeration in mind (sticks at the bottom.  The microbes need oxygen.
  3. They also need water. The moisture should be similar to that of a wrung out sponge.
  4.  If your heap is smell it more than likely means you have too much green stuff.  Add brown material and give it some air by turning it.
  5. If your heap is not heating up and taking too long it means that you don't have enough green stuff.  Add some grass.

Easy isn't it?  While making your compost is great for the environemtn it should be part of your gardening agenda.

Composting is organic recycling.

If you need more information we have a much more extensive article which you can find here:  Composting is Easy.