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We are Online Market of fresh fruits & vegetables. You can also find organic & healthy juice, processed food as well as gentle skin care at our store.

What we grow?

We take special care to select and grow specific crop varieties where exceptional flavor is the focus, with a determination to bring the best-tasting produce.

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How we work?

We believe it’s the best way to inspire our community to relish in the taste of real, seasonal produce and keep connected to the land.

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Who we are?

Understanding the sometimes harmful methods of modern agriculture, we started a niche for quality organic produce grown.

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DIY Bokashi Bin Strainer

The strainer sits on the bottom of the 25L recycling bin and separates the food waste from the liquid generated. Fit the five legs into the strainer and pop into the bin. Be gentle when lightly mashing the food waste when adding into the bin; if you are too vigorous you could ben the legs on the str...


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Organie store is the greatest online health food shop for everyone. I’m always their loyal customer.

Jerry Hansen

I’ve been a loyal customer of Organie store for years and I’m always going to be one. They are the best!

Marry Hopkin

Thank you for all the amazing products you deliver each week. I’ve been telling everyone about your great organic store!

Phillip Stone

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