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Earthworm Tower

Earthworm Tower

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Our earthworm farm consists of two worm trays, a drip tray with a tap and a lid.

Comes with approximately 200 red wiggler composting earthworms, packed in a separate tub filled with bedding.

Includes full instructions.

Convert organic waste into a nutrient rich compost for your garden.

All food waste including cooked and raw food, meat, citrus, etc. can be fed to your worm farm after it's been fermented in a bokashi bin. Bokashi food waste is the ideal feedstock for these composting earthworms as the fermented product is packed with micro-organisms which the worms feed on. 

Our earthworm farm can also be used to compost fresh untreated food waste, but not cooked food, meat, dairy, citrus, onions and other acidic food, unless treated with bokashi first. 

Dimension (L x B x H): 670mm x 415mm x 590mm.

Made from non-reactive food grade polypropylene, and is recyclable.

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