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Garden Compost Maker

Garden Compost Maker

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Composting is mother nature’s way of recycling. This is caused by the decomposition of organic waste such as grass/ plant cuttings, vegetable peels/ food waste, paper as well as other organic items and converts it into compost.

How to use the Compost Bin:

  1. Put your compost bin on a flat surface on the ground and preferably in a  place that gets lots of sunlight because heat plays a role in speeding up the composting process.
  2. We recommend the bottom layer be made from materials such as twigs which will also serve its purpose for drainange and aeration. Leaves may be placed on top of the base layer. Continue to alternate the layers between green and brown material (always add bokashi fermented food waste between brown layers).
  3. You can add Fruit and vegetable scraps, tree and grass clippings, herbivore animal manure (cows, rabbits, etc.), black and white newspaper, brown non shiny cardboard, vacuum cleaner dust, bokashi fermented food waste (including cooked and uncooked meat, bones, sea food).
  4. Colour paper (due to chemicals) and diseased fruit or vegetables.

Compost Bin Features:

  1. Made from recycled high quality 100% recyclable HDPE plastic.
  2. Dimension 631 x 705 x 778 mm (H)
  3. Capacity 150L
  4. Weight 5.6kg
  5. Colour black

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