Earth Bokashi


Bokashi: Japanese for "fermented organic matter". Earth Bokashi is a carrier mix which has been inoculated with beneficial indigenous micro-organisms.

When Earth Bokashi is added to food waste the moisture in the waste activates the beneficial microbes.

This starts an anaerobic ("without air") fermentation process.

The fermentation process stops rotting thus eliminating any foul odours and PRE-DIGESTING the food waste so it becomes an easily absorbed SOIL FOOD/Compost.

This enables 100% of your food waste to be safely, quickly and easily composted with other organic (garden) waste, trenched or fed to earth worms. Additionally, because Earth Bokashi eliminates the production of methane gases, you can can reduce your personal carbon footprint by 235KG of CO2e per ton. All this while diverting waste from landfill and recycling nutrients to improve soil health. To be used in conjunction with Earth Probiotic's Bokashi Food Waste Recycling Digesters. Earth Bokashi is made with indigenous South African micro-organisms.

Food Waste Recycling Earth Bokashi
You can choose 700G, 2KG, 4KG or even 10KG. Bokashi: Japanese for "fermented organic matter" - is a carrier which has been inoculated ("brewed") with... more info
Volume Earth Bokashi
Earth Probiotic is able to supply Earth Bokashi in large volume 25kg sacks for commercial, agricultural and waste treatment use. Please call us or... more info

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