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This review of the Bokashi system came from one of our school teacher users in Pretoria.

"We have had a compost heap for a few years now, with earthworms and most food waste went into the heap.
The positive using bokashi vs the old method:
• One can put in all food waste
o Old method food waste not to add:
• Onions
• Potato
• All dairy
• All meat
• Any cooked food

• Bokashi increase the speed of decomposing in the normal heap after it is added to the normal garden compost
o It increases the heat in the first 2 weeks and thereafter the earthworms do the rest

• Noted increase of earthworm numbers
o Well, I did not count them, but there are definitely more...

Growth of plant after using the ‘bakashi’ juice is impressive. An example will be used to illustrate this statement:
o Normally my Amaryllis have one stem with 3 flowers,
o After one application of bakashi juice they pushed 4 -6 flowers and at least 2 stems each

Not to do
o I would suggest that all bones are kept out of the bakashi compost. My dogs found bones when we turned the compost, which will mean digging when in the garden. [COMPOSTED BONES ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE AS ALL THE PROTEINS HAVE BEEN GONE TRHOUGH THE MINERALISATION STAGE DURING COMPOSTING - SO NO ATTRACTIVE REMNANTS TO ATTRACT DOGS - ALTHOUGH BONES (NOW CALCIUM) ARE STILL CHEWABLE.].

Usage of dried fermenter bran
o I have filled the 20l container 3 times to date and have only used 1/3 of the fermenter. (3kg bag)

Waiting for outcome
o I am not sure if all seeds are killed in the process. I have not yet used the bokashi compost in my garden, I have only used the juice to date. If all foodstuffs are placed in the bokashi we might find tomato plants in the roses which will not be a plus. [COMMENT: THE EXTRA HEAT IN THE COMPOST HEAP SHOULD PASTEURISE ALL SEEDS].
o As soon as I have more clarity regarding growth of seeds after use of bakashi compost I will re-report!"

Gavin Heron, 10/27/2014
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