Bokashi & Composting Solutions

Composting your food waste is one of the best things you can do for your garden and the environment.
Food takes minerals and nutrients out of the soil in order to grow. In turn these sustain us.
But our soil gradually becomes depleted. Composting your food waste is an excellent way to give these nutrients back to your soil and thus maintain its health (and ability to grow more food).
Our composting solutions work well together or individually.
Our Earth Bokashi food waste composting systems enable you to recycle all of your food waste back to soil.
The fermented contents, now full of beneficial microbes, can be trenched, added to a compost heap, or fed to composting worms.
For small spaces, the composting bag allows you to compost in a bag. This is robust, convenient and easily moved.
Our earthworm farms work great with the bokashi system. Or as standalone solutions - just remember: meat, dairy, sea food, cooked food, citrus, etc. can only be fed to earthworms if they have been fermented through the bokashi system first.