About Us

Earth Probiotic was started by Karen and Gavin Heron in 2010.  We started small and bought bokashi from a local manufacturer and really only supplied a small number of Jo'burg clients.

Today we can service the whole of South African and are also exporting our solutions to Southern Africa.

We now manufacturer Earth Bokashi at our factory in Randpark Ridge.  We only use categorised indigenous microbes in our Earth Bokashi.


  • Good Partnership

    We love to partner with other small businesses. Together we are stronger and more able to deliver value.

  • Local Sourcing & Manufacturing

    100% of our products are sourced and manufactured in South Africa.

  • Live What We Sell

    Everything we sell on our store is used by us at home.  Before we put a product on our store, we test it on ourselves (not animals).

  • Guarantee

    If you don't like what you bought we'll refund you.  No questions asked.  We would rather have a friend than an unhappy customer. 

  • Diversity

    We belive that diversity is key to thriving systems;  whether they are a business, a garden, a compost heap, a farm or even a small pond. 

  • Earth Friendly

    All of our products are made from either recycled or upcycled material.  Our packaing is recyclable and we're aiming to make it compostable in the near future.


Karen Heron


Gavin Heron


Portia Madonsela

Retail & Logistics Manager